Tuesday, September 6

Broadway at 89th Street

Broadway at 89th Street embodies many dualities. Pedestrians can be seen relaxing on benches on the island separating the uptown and downtown-bound vehicles. The daunting, inanimate concrete high-rise buildings are juxtapose by colorful flowers in full bloom, and dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes parading down the sidewalk.  On this block, the old and the new coexist together: from the 65-year old Murray’s Sturgeon Shop to the 7-year old Georgia’s CafĂ©, from the Mister Softee ice cream truck that has been appearing at the same curb, year after year, every afternoon at three o’clock to the UNIQLO that opened two weeks ago. A stately synagogue, along with majestic lion head fountains and friendly doormen with bright smiles, uphold the security of the neighborhood. Whether one lives in one of the high-rises or simply passing-by on a tour bus, one can’t help but notice a sense of tranquility in the air.
Broadway at 89th Street, a two-way street that goes uptown and downtown.
On a nice day, pedestrians can been seen sitting on the benches positioned on the island.
Flowers planted on the island by the Broadway Mall Association add color and beautify the street.
Bella, a mixed maltese, takes a drink of water after having walked from 137th Street to 89th Street with her owner.
Murray's Sturgeon shop has been serving the Upper West Siders delicious smoked fish and gourmet salads since 1946.
Murray's Vegetarian Chopped Liver is scrumptious, made with sweet peas, string beans, eggs, walnuts, and sauteed onions.
Georgia's Cafe, which serves Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, has live music every night at seven o'clock.
Mister Softee (truck) vs. UNIQLO (red flag): an example of the juxtaposition of the old and the new, the indigenous and the foreign.
A woman walking her dog outside the Congregation B'nai Jeshrun, a synagogue at 257 West 88th Street.
A regal-looking lion head fountain outside the apartment building at 250 West 89th Street.
The doormen of 250 West 89th Street who always greet passer-bys with bright smiles. 
Photo taken from my 19th floor window of the street with a tour bus passing by.

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