Wednesday, September 7

McKibbin St.

The McKibbin St. lofts are nestled between the Montrose Ave and Morgan Ave stops on the L train. The proximity of the lofts to Williamsburg, and their easy L train access have turned their Bushwick block into a haven for 20-somethings. The lofts notorious status has led them to a wikipedia page and a New York Times article.

A warning outside of 255 Mckibbin St.
248 McKibbin St.
Morning delivery of cabbages outside of 255 Mckibbin St. The two famous lofts, 255 and 248, share the block with work shops, warehouses, a bodega, and a marketing firm.
The woodshop next to 255, where you can see people saw wood and drink beer at the same time.
A private residential court off of Mckibbin St.
Residents of 255 drinking and playing guitar in their stairwell.
A used condom found on the ground in the 5th floor laundry room of 255.
The buildings managers have long since given up on covering the "graffiti" that litters many of the hallways.
While the Mckibbin lofts were made famous for their parties, landlords have made an effort to reign them in with security personnel.

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