Wednesday, September 7

Saint Marks Place

Saint Marks was named after the Saint Marks Church erected in 1795-1799.  The Greek revival steeple, however, was not erected until 1828, finally finishing the church construction with an Italianate protico completeing the structure in 1854.
Saint Marks Place is know for it’s unique artistic features.  Here is a telephone pole that has been covered in mosaics just at the entrance of Saint Marks.

Though newly renovated, Saint Marks Hotel is a historic hotel at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Saint Marks Place.  Formally the Valencia Hotel, the present St Mark’s Ale House used to be one of the city’s leading jazz venues.

Japanese food is a very large component of Saint Marks Place.  Composed of mostly Japanese restaurants, Saint Marks offers and array of Japanese dining, including a handful of sushi restaurants. 

Gem Spa is the local resident's corner store, selling the usual necessities bodega's all around the Manhattan offer.   Known for their fountain egg creams, Gem Spa appeared on the back cover of the New York Dolls' CD case.  The band is pictured standing in front of Gem Spa.
Saint Marks Market is the official grocery store of Saint Marks.   Somewhat cheaper than rest of the grocery stores in Manhattan, Saint Marks Market sells a lot of the same things Whole Foods sells but is significantly cheaper.
Gift shops and tourist stores are a major part of the Saint Marks experience.  Come here and you can buy anything from sunglasses to pipes in nearly every store you pass.
"Trash and Vaudeville" seems to be the official store of Saint Marks Place, selling clothes in the style of many of it's regulars.  There is never a shortage of black clothes in this punk rock/rock 'n' roll/goth boutique of the East Village.

Tattoos and piercings are also a popular reason to venture to this side of the East Village.  There are over 10 different tattoo and piercing parlors on a single block all trying to get your business.  "Piercings and tattoos?" the artists repeat waiting outside their parlors for any tourist looking for just that.

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