Wednesday, September 7

Shorewood Drive by Lauren Valenti

A modest street in the village of Sands Point, which F. Scott Fitzgerald referred to as “East Egg” in The Great Gatsby, Shorewood Drive boasts one of Port Washington’s most serene areas. A long, straight street which eventually slopes down as you go towards the water, Shorewood has no sidewalks and is perfectly paved. The majority of the houses on Shorewood Drive are large 70’s style ranch houses with sprawling flat front lawns and woods in the back.  However, as you travel further down Shorewood towards the sound, the houses tend to have been rebuilt to be larger and more modern. Great, towering old trees are scattered throughout the street and are very important to the Shorewood aesthetic. The residents of Shorewood Drive are typically older couples who tend to keep to themselves, besides the occasional stroll. Although, there are a few families with children who liven up the street and serve as a reminder that Shorewood Drive is not no-man’s land.  While it might not provide that  quaint neighborly feel, what Shorewood lacks in sociality it makes up for in its tranquility. At night, it is virtually silent and completely dark as there are absolutely no streetlights.

Without question, Shorewood’s best feature is the beach that lies at its end. Always vacant, the shoreline against the Long Island Sound is pebble ridden with large climbing rocks. Not for your average beach-goer, the beach is more fit for someone looking for a scenic walk or an explorer willing to venture. Aside from the assortment of rocks, occasion liter, and horseshoe crabs, there are smorgasbord of things to find washed up on the shoreline. Anyone who frequents the beach often knows that there are many “treasures” to be found, especially after a storm. It’s important to pay attention to the tides in correlation with the moon. If it is high tide, the beach is nearly impossible to walk on unless you’re willing to have your legs drenched by the sound. If it’s low tide, you can walk a very long distance down the shoreline. While this might be tiring, it is well worth the trek, as your journey will end at “Lands End”, otherwise know on the North Shore of Long Island as The Great Gatsby house. Whether you are taking a walk or wandering by the sound of Shorewood Drive, it’s easy to recognize why it makes for such a lovely block to live on. Shorewood is silent but if you give it time, has a lot to say.

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