Sunday, October 30

Dinner & Discussion

 Good discussion and good food are rarely adjoined in the life of a busy college student. A new program at The New School aims to change that: In a new initiative known as 'Dinner and Discussion' , launched by the University Student Senate, students are encouraged to feast, and chew the fat while they're at it.
At the October 24th New School 'Town Hall' meeting, a (USS) representative emphasized that Dinner and Discussion "offers students a good meal, and just a forum to talk about topics in a really informal manner", she said.  D&D is an attempt to provide a warmer, less rigid symposium for students to engage in vital issues."A lot of times you have panel discussions and all these things going on, so this is more of a brown bag where students can just kind of swap ideas".  Pizza(the dietary staple of many college students) has become the go to food choice so far, but USS leaders are open to suggestions.
As for topics of discussions, it is clear that one issue has emerged as the focus for students: Finance. The first discussion was about OWS, and the October 24th meeting began an extended discussion of financial opportunities for students(The title: Dinner and a Discussion: Is Your Money Funny?). Students are also encouraged to present any issues or programs that would benefit the university(Last year for the first time, at least one student in every division of the New School received funding from an event.) 
The next Dinner & Discussion will be held on Friday, November 4th 6-8 P.M. The discussion is titled: Occupy the Financial System: Your Banking Choices.

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