Monday, October 10

Finding The Center of Protest (Team North)

Wednesday, October 5th--Zuccotti Park, spoken of as “Liberty Square” by protesters was last wednesday around 1pm an organized mess of mingling bodies: protesters and members of the media packed the small square situated on Broadway and Liberty Street a few blocks away from New York’s famous Wall Street.

Troy Gregory, 21, from the Bronx said that one of the major difficulties the protest faces is that everyone comes protesting something a little bit different.

“They feel like they’ve come to protest capitalism which in turn they feel like it’s the banking system” Gregory says, “But there is more to capitalism than just banks.” When asked what he himself has at stake Gregory names “separation through the social classes, people’s freedom” and what he feels is a “crime against humanity”
A walk from one end of the square to the other one can’t go with out noticing the sheer amount of things there are to step over: blankets, bodies, backpacks, cardboard signs, food , a couple of small dogs. Among these things there are a few organized stations a “medic” area ,an area where you can grab free food , an info table, and a place to create signs .

While the grounds of the protest themselves look a little chaotic the New York protest does have a good deal of organization, it’s website gives an updated schedule that shows the daily happenings and general assembly meetings; the website and protest are ran on what the website has termed “open source” participation, meaning anyone can contribute, you just have to show up to the meeting.

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