Monday, October 3

The Intrepid, World War II Aircraft Carrier and Space Museum, Houses a Concert

Since its heyday of action during World War II , aircraft carrier, the USS Intrepid has hosted New Yorkers and tourists alike to preserve and showcase the relics of the most widespread war of our country's history. However, on Thursday night the Intrepid attracted a different crowd, one looking to party and enjoy the musical stylings of DJ VIce, The Hold Steady, and most of all The Roots for the first-ever concert on its main flight deck. 

How did the Intrepid, the Sea, Air & Space Museum, become the newest destinations for young New York City and concert-goers? While the technicalities of deal still remain unclear, it seems the Intrepid might be joining the ranks of museums looking to house a party scene. The MoMa, American Museum of Natural History, and The Solomon R. Guggenheim are all among the museums who have decided to open their doors passed closing hours and throw parties among some of the world's most valuable artifacts. At least this was the impression I got from one of the coordinators at the events organizing company, who requested to remain anonymous. " The idea to transform the Intrepid from a museum ship during the day to a concert event at night definitely stemmed from what other museums have done" they explained. " However due to the Intrepid's sheer size, we knew this was something that could probably only be done annually." However, I would imagine this would have been a much more difficult feat for this event company had it not been for the event's sponsors, Pandora and State Farm, whose logos were plastered and projected throughout the party. 

The night of the event, over 2,000 New Yorkers made there way on to the flight deck , which happened to have an assortment of helicopters, fighter jets, and other World War II vehicles. The event made for one of the most scenic views of the New York cityscape, and would certainly be a memborable experience for all who attended. Although, certain aspects of the scene made it evident that those who hold World War II closer to their heart might not have been so pleased. As with all concerts, remnants left behind such as empty beer bottles, were strewn all over the deck, which wasn't the best visual, especially when lying around the iconic fighter jets which once took to the air in battle. However, apart from all the trash left behind, the night went pretty seamlessly without any foul play around the displays or anyone who was blatantly disrespecting the ship. As someone who enjoyed the entire night, and truly believed it to be an amazing experience atop one of New York City's most prized sites, I hope that this isn't the last concert aboard the Intrepid.

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