Monday, October 10

Marching to Wall Street

Arrests at Wall St. October 5,2011 from Leith McMenamin on Vimeo.
The night of October 5 Occupy Wall Street protesters attempted to take Wall Street. The day started peacefully with union and student marches to Foley Square and then down to Zuccotti park, but ended in a rush of police brutality, mace, and Fox News reporters getting beaten with night sticks. I would have gotten more video but my phone died while filming the arrests (hence why the video ends with people shouting "JERRY!")
New School student, Muggs Fogarty, marching to Foley Square
Many parents brought their children, whether in strollers or on their shoulders
New School Students congregated at Foley Square...
With a banner that read "Arab Spring, European Summer, American Fall"
This man let students borrow his flags, he brought a bag of flags with various peace symbols on them to the march.
Trying to leave Foley Square was worse than driving in LA.
Cops keeping protestors off the street near Wall St.

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