Wednesday, October 19

Occupy Times Square

On Saturday the 15th, the Occupy Wall Street movement temporarily demonstrated in Times Square.  This slideshow video is meant to illustrate the chronology of the demonstration, beginning with a sitting few to cheering hoards.  Talia Pulcina, from Long Island is pictured in the first photograph, and said, "This is a peaceful demonstration in a place that is symbolic for a number of reasons.  Just check out the Bank of America sign behind me, and over there The Nasdaq." The atmosphere was cheerful.  It was my observation that the occupation was not meant to instigate the police, but that it was rather a celebration of the momentum which the movement has gained since its inception over a month ago.  Roughly two hours after it began, however, police (many mounted) surrounded the crowd in great numbers, eliciting a riotous response from the crowds.  I say crowds because there were several different islands of crowds: one which surrounded the red steps at the north end of Times Square, and others (ie, a crowd that had marched from downtown), separated by temporary barricades and streets.  

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