Sunday, October 2

Taken By: Stephanie Kun 

With a mouth full of a Boston Market Turkey Burger, Anderson Cooper is trying to persuade me into agreeing with him that Boston Market is not disgusting, he is not having much luck. Yes, Anderson Cooper, the serious news anchor known for going to war zones and pulling people from the rubble talks with his mouth full.

AK: OK, so not to be broken record but, why did you decide to take on another project and do a talk show?
AC: I keep saying this and I don’t think anyone really believes me but it doesn’t feel like work. I love doing research and talking to people, hearing their stories—having a conversation with interesting people doesn’t seem like work to me.  
AK: But when do you find time to sleep? Or to relax?
AC: I’ve always managed to get plenty of sleep but now that 360’s on earlier and I’m out earlier I find myself not being able to go to sleep early –I’m stuck on a schedule. And I get more anxious and stressed when I am doing nothing then if I have 100 things in front of me. I’m a workaholic. I like to be busy, to have projects to work on.
AK: I know that people who work with you know you are not as “serious” as you might be portrayed, with the exception of losing it over bathroom humor on live TV, but do you feel like because you have a daytime show that now you have to prove something to the audience?
AC:  I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone I’m just showing people that like everyone else I don’t just have one side. I can be serious but even someone who is serious has a not-so-serious side and yes I too, get the giggles.
AK: The studio the show is taped in is amazing aesthetically for starters but it is a lot more intimate than standing in front of a green screen reporting on the news. Has that been a big challenge for you?
AC: The studio is beautiful and much more multi-dimensional than the studio at CNN but in a way the two jobs are similar in the sense that there is research and interviews. The subject matter is just what puts them on different playing fields.
AK: What do you hope to get across to the viewers?
AC: I want to have authentic conversations with people, to bring light to a wide range of situations and topics. One day it might be talking to the cast of a movie and the next day sharing a story of abuse, as long as the conversations stay authentic I think it’s important to share them.
AK: At first it was very surprising to me how involved you were and still are in the process of picking topics and the exploration of different stories. Why is it important to you to be so hands on?
AC: Because I don’t want anything to be forced. I think it’s important to not only be invested in the topic or story because I’m doing a show about it but to be invested because I am interested in it and because I want to be doing a show on it.
AK: The great thing about this show is that you are not limited to doing just celebrity interviews.
AC: Exactly, it isn’t just talking to celebrities it’s about sharing both stories of social and relationship issues and of pop culture, it’s a really great format
AK: I’m really rooting for a “Gloria and Anderson” show. I just want cameras to follow the two of you around, I’ve seen the “Story of My Mom” show four times not including the day it was taped and I cry hysterically every single time!
AC: Having my mom on the show was really special and as you know she will be making a few more appearances in the future, which I am really looking forward to.
AK: I’ve already marked my calendar! I know that you have a briefing meeting to get to before the next show starts but thank you so much for answering these questions for me. 
AC: Of course, sorry it had to be while I was eating, I hope there wasn’t food stuck in my teeth.
AK: Oh don't worry you're good. 

The minute I opened the door people swarmed in—hair, makeup, his assistant Joey, the producers, and the stage manager. I was exhausted just watching the chaos but for him this was just another normal day at work. 

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