Monday, October 31

Town Hall Meeting

The Town Hall Meeting, conducted by New School University administrators on Wednesday, October 27th was notable for its unique transparency. As one university employee stated during the question-and-answer period, the meeting was the best they had seen in the "22 years" of their New School tenure.
University officials began by explaining the various administrative improvements made of late, including the introduction of direct deposits for university reimbursements, the transition to Gmail for student and soon faculty email services and campus dorm improvements. The meeting then transitioned into academic developments, lauding the new bell schedule and the further potential it brings to the university academically, and then moving on to the creation of a integrated course catalog and its benefits.
After laying-out plans and timelines for the under-construction, 5th Avenue building, the administration discussed enrollment issues and their effects on the university as well as their comparable statistics relative to similar universities around the country.
Notably however, the stand-out issue during the question-and-answer section was that of diversity within the institution. With a separate faculty member standing to point-out each individual aspect of diversity they feel the university is lacking, it appeared as though the faculty felt a general, all-encompassing comment would not be strong enough and instead focused on every individual issue. However, after several of such comments, it would be difficult to believe the topic went un-noticed by university administrators.

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