Monday, October 31

townhall meeting

President David Van Zandt and Provost Tim Marshall led the New School Town hall meeting October 26. While the meeting started off with short introductions by the faculty and student senate members, it quickly turned to Q&A focused mainly on the lack of diversity within the school community. Although diversity in the student population is obvious i was unaware of the faculty decrease and found that to be particularly interesting. One person said, "there needs to be diversity in the decision making committees- racial, ethnic, and religious diversity." 

To me, it seemed as if President Van Zandt was not expecting to have to answer questions like that. He seemed flustered and almost at a loss of words over some of the questions and when the subject turned to tuition increases and student decreases, he did not seem equipped to answer them. 

However, the student senate brought up some interesting points and things that they do that i was not aware of previously. Like, the dinner and discussion series where they talk about important issues and listen to the ideas of students and then try and find financial resources and opportunities for them.

 I think the town hall meeting was informative and interesting, and brought to my attention and the attention of all other people there that communication between faculty and staff and students needs to continue. 

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