Wednesday, October 26

University Town Hall Write Up

            I think the most important issue that was discussed at the meeting was the lack of increase in student enrollment each semester.  A woman stood up and asked, “I’m a senior, and my name is Patty, and I’m encountering that the pool of academic intellectual makeup is a little disparate.”  Patty continued to express her concern about undergraduates in her class, having an apathetic attitude towards learning, and the possibility of them being accepted into the New School just because they can afford the tuition. In response, Tim Marshall pointed out how they are trying to help this with things like the Bell Schedule, which allows cross-divisional registration. 
The question of enrollment then raised the question of racial diversity within the New School, one man asked “how are we moving forward if we don’t even talk about it?”  The President seemed kind of put off by the question, claiming that the economic situation also aids to this but adds that he thinks “its very important to train students to work in diverse environments.”  Once again, Tim Marshall offered examples of student programs that speak to the issue of diversity.  He claims that the New School is trying to recruit students of diversity, as well as getting them to stay and graduate.

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