Wednesday, November 2

notes on 'urbanized'

amanda burden--nyc city planning

mumbai--one toilet for 600 people

santiago, chile--half a house for $10,000--bathtub vs. water heater

ellen dunham-jones--georgia tech--suburbia and sprawl, how to retrofit

baron haussman and the remaking of paris--the boulevards

noah chasin--bard college--city beautiful, garden city

brasilia--oscar neimeyer--23 churches and i'm an atheist--defends rational layout

bogota--the mayor and his subway like bus system, bike lanes, democratic planning--who is this guy? can we get him to run this city?

copenhagen--homo sapiens on the veldt, 100 meters square as our natural periphery and thus natural size of our public spaces

nyc--james corner and the high line--zoning mentioned here but what about finances?

moses v. jacobs--burden very critical of the former

phoenix and the defense of suburbia--let's be honest, i like my 3/4 of an acre and my pool

detroit--one third its former population, community gardens, hamlets springing up within the depopulated city--self-organized urbanization

beijing and the cctv building--rem koolhaas--what is he saying, exactly?

brighton england--energy use street graphics

rio--the center of operations, a screen bigger than nasa, that's what i like--security in the favelas--lighting and open spaces

new orleans and the ninth ward--it's like a california beach town, great houses but where's the plan--that movie star, what's his name?

candy chang--artist of the vacant storefront and the construction wall--'i wish this was…."--can also see her work on fulton street in brooklyn

stuttgart 21--ripping up the downtown to get the city on the high-speed paris-kiev train line--the permits were legally obtained, but in the meantime the citizenry changed its mind

closing shot--the good ol' g train at fifth and ninth--but it doesn't stop

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