Wednesday, November 30

Occupy Anywhere, Just Not Here.

The Town Hall Meeting in the Kellen Gallery ended in a manner consistent to other discussions on the New School Occupation – lacking resolve.

Amidst the freshly-painted walls covering the defacement performed over Thanksgiving, the University Student Senate, President and Provost met with members of the student body, faculty and staff in order to find a solution to the New School Occupation.

In the meeting, a variety of New School students, faculty and staff members all echoed sentiments similar to those of the frustrated Financial District residents who wanted the occupiers cleared out, in that it isn’t the entire movement they were against, but they way some were conducting it and how that was negatively effecting them. Others however countered with opinions in full support, almost claiming the progressive nature of the school made it their (our) prerogative to produce aggressive, “political” art.

Ultimately, the meeting ended having accomplished little, if anything at all.

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