Friday, November 18

Occupy Protestors Flood the Brooklyn Bridge Again

NYPD estimated 32,500 people rallied the streets of New York last night, in support of "the 99%."  Thousands of protestors took the streets in over 30 cities including Los Angeles, Dallas, and Portland, ORE to celebrate its birth 2 months ago.
Police formed blockades all around the square, including a blockade of horses at the corner of Chambers and Centre Street.  Standing about ten feet apart, police officers lined the metal fencing that prevented protestors from entering Foley Square and from pouring into the streets.
By 6:00 the crowd started migrating towards the Brooklyn Bridge and began crossing the bridge using the pedestrian sidewalk.  Blinking road signs warned the "Peds on the roadway" that they were "subject to arrest," but that did not stop hundreds from crossing the bridge -- the same bridge occupiers stormed last month.  
Police gathered at the entrance of the bridge to stop anyone from stepping into the streets and continuously warned the protestors that they would be arrested if they did so.
"This is what democracy looks like!" the mob chanted back. "This is what America looks like!"

(Policemen on horses block Chambers Street)
(Moving from Foley Square towards the Brooklyn Bridge)
(Protestors pass out lights to the crowd to light up the bridge.)
"Granny Peace Brigade"

(Mothers of American Soldiers stand up for "schools not wars.")

(Protestors line up to cross the Brooklyn Bridge.)

"Peds on roadway-- Subject to arrest."

(Police officer warns protestors that they are "subject to arrest" over a loud speaker.)

("OWS Bitch.")

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