Wednesday, November 2

Sara Delano Roosevelt Park

The Sara Delano Roosevelt Park (previously regarded as the Chrystie-Forsyth Park), is a park in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The park is named after Sara Roosevelt, the mother of the 44th United States president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In 1934, the construction of the park was the largest park project on the Lower East Side. At 7.85 acres, the park stretches from north and south between East Houston and Canal Streets, east and west between Chrystie and Forsyth Streets, but is interrupted at Delancey (pictured above) and Grand Streets.

Although the purpose of creating the park was to widen Chrystie and Forsyth Streets and building low-cost housing, it was later set aside for "playgrounds and resting places for mothers and children." As a result, there are three areas throughout the park exclusively for playgrounds.

Many playing surfaces are offered including 6 basketball courts and 3 soccer fields made available for youth and adult intramural soccer leagues throughout the year.

Parts of four streets are also interrupted including Hester, Rivington, Stanton and Broom Streets where public bathrooms are located.

During weekday afternoons and weekends, the park is packed with Lower East Side residents, mainly made up of Asian, Hispanic, and African Americans.

Many recent additions include the Wah-Bei Bird Garden, the Golden Age Center for senior citizens (pictured above), and a vendors market.

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