Wednesday, November 30

Versace Fans Failed to Sell Out the Exclusive H&M Collection

Hundreds of people stand outside of the H&M flagship store, awaiting for the security guards to open the doors to purchase Versace for H&M.

"All this for fashion?" A woman exclaims as she walked pass the 250 or so people lined up outside of H&M on Fifth Avenue and 51st Street. While the middle-age woman, donning a white puffy knee-length coat, ill-fitted jeans, and running sneakers may not understand how serious the Versace for H&M collection may be, these fashionistas definitely do.

"Versace is one of the most important brands of recent times," Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor at H&M, said in a press release.

This past summer, the Swedish retail-clothing company announced that Versace would be designing their 11th guest-designer collection.

"I am thrilled to be collaborating with H&M and to have the opportunity of reaching their wide audience," Donatella Versace, creative director of Versace, said in a press release.

Widely considered one of the world's leading international fashion houses, the Italian fashion label, founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, has always been recognized for creating provocative styles from classical themes. With the exclusive collection, Donatella Versace continues to showcase the heritage of the brand.

"The collection [is] quintessential Versace," Donatella Versace adds. "Perfect for H&M and Versace fans everywhere."

With a total of 45 pieces, the women's collection includes fitted dresses, leather skirts, printed leggings, and gold accessories ranging from $19.95 to $299, while the men's collection fairs a little less with 34 pieces including bold colored suits, graphic shirts, and studded shorts as low as $17.95 and up to $299.

Since the Versace for H&M collection costs only a fraction of what regular Versace retails for, shoppers speculate that the collection will sell out. In order to give everyone the opportunity to get their hands on the exclusive collection, H&M has implemented some restrictions.

According to, a leading New York-based fashion blog, the first 280 shoppers in line will receive 1 of 14 different colored bracelets with specific entrance times. Twenty people will enter the designated are every 30 to 45 minutes with a 15 minute shopping time limit.

While the restrictions only apply for the women's collection (the men's collection is a first come first served basis) shoppers are limited to purchasing up to two of the same item. But some shoppers still feel like they will not be able to get even one finger on the exclusive collection.

"Since it is more organized I still feel like I have a slim chance," Tiara Briggs, 27, said.

At approximately 8 a.m., security guards began to slowly let people inside the store and within 30 minutes, shoppers began to walk out of the store with bags full of clothes. According to Racked NY, the biggest purchase was $9,000.

Despite all the hype, Versace for H&M failed to sell out. A small selection of printed dresses, leather pants, studded bags, and metallic shoes are still available.

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