Wednesday, December 7

Bringing In The Business on Franklin Ave

Franklin Avenue has a history of being a central avenue for business in Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood but in the last six months the avenue has seen an influx of new kinds of business geared less towards basics and more towards indulgence.

Part of the Crow Hill Association's 25th Anniversary Mural  at the  intersection of Franklin and Eastern Parkway. Crow Hill has had a large influence in the growth of Franklin avenue by hosting meetings for new merchants  and providing support through the creation of the Franklin Avenue Merchants.

 Dana Simmions-Greco and Tyler Mcevoy who have both lived in the neighborhood for over five years felt like there really wasn't a place in the neighborhood where you could get quality wine for a fair price: "The neighborhood needs a wine shop; you hate your job I hate my job,"  Dana said commenting on how the idea came about. In June 2011 the two opened Wino(t);  "We wanted to invest in the community," Dana said. The owners are happy their shop has been well received. Wino(t) offers a small selection of spirits and a pretty hearty collection of wine , most bottles no more than $20.

The Pulp & The Bean coffee shop was part of the first wave of new businesses on Franklin Avenue coming in early 2009 with Dutch Boy Burger, Franklin Park and Breukelen Coffee House. "There's an influx of new people but it's not pushing anyone out" said Andrew Cothren who has worked at The Pulp & The Bean for a year, "look, you have a fancy wineshop next to a Caribbean restaurant" he says pointing to Wino(t) across the street.  The Pulp & The Bean features a large selection of products based out of Brooklyn "We go local whenever we can" Cothren says; their coffee beans are roasted in Park Slope and their signature blend is an ode to the neighborhood "Crow Hill" .

Rosebud Vintage appeared on Franklin in June of 2011 ,
of the apparel stores  on Franklin ave it has a higher price point: $30-260

Photo Credit for second photo: Facebook
Barboncino joined Franklin Avenue on October 6th bringing wood-oven baked pizza and and a solid selection of beers; the continuous crowd at this place might suggest its been well received.
Photo Credit: Time Out New York
Owl and Thistle General Store opened on Franklin Avenue in July 2011 and has since been recognized by Time Out New York as a great place to buy gifts and products that are locally made and sustainably produced.

While Fanklin Avenue has seen a new influx of a different kinds of business , bogegas, 99cent stores and hair salons still hold onto their real-estate as the avenue transitions. 
Nostrand Avenue, another central avenue in Crown Heights has seen less of the kind of change Franklin Avenue has.

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