Wednesday, December 7

Holiday Market Hidden Treasures

            The holiday season is in full swing and with it comes pop-up shops, annual markets, and a number of fairs across Manhattan.  Adding 21 new venders, the ever-popular Union Square Holiday Market houses a number of small shops including several local food purveyors.
            Right off the 14th street entrance is the Breezy Hill Orchards, a hot apple cider vender that sells homemade cookies as well.  This cider mill, based in Hudson Valley, has been attended the fair for 3 years now, serving their cider, chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread men and apple cider doughnuts.
            “We don’t use fillers, extenders, preservatives, or cornstarch,” Amy White, a student running the stand, explained, “Our pies look and taste homemade.”
            Around the corner sits Momofuku Milk Bar’s booth, home of the exclusive Peppermint Cornflake Chocolate Chip cookie.  Though not sold individually, assorted tins of cookies, crack pie, cake truffles, milk bar cookbooks, and even tote bags line the walls Momfuku’s booth. With 3 locations in Manhattan and another in Brooklyn, this dessert bar is famous for more than their cookies.
            Steering away from the dessert, Brooklyn Salsa Company sells an assortment of salsa from mild to red-hot.  Created in a loft size kitchen, the founders of this company began cooking and making deliveries on their bikes back in 2008.   
Using locally grown organic vegetables, the ingredients used are meticulously selected based on the climate and soil they’re grown in.  Today founders Rob and Matt sell over 12 salsas, with names that range from The Hot – Brooklyn to the Girl Tank.
“We’re up and running like real American Dreamers,” Rob says, “the kitchen is our way of saying get into it.”
            A trip to the far back of the Market yields a new local favorite: Mighty Balls.  A mobile food company located in Manhattan, this food truck specializes in creating foods in the shape of a ball; including their most popular meatball hero.
“We specialize in all things balls,” claims Dina Williamson, co-founder of Might Balls, “and we strive to create a unique food experience.”

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