Tuesday, October 18

"32 days, 4 1/2 weeks"

"All day, all week, occupy Wall Street" is chanted in waves. Sometimes it is louder and more powerful while other times it fizzles out before the words "wall street"are heard.  It has officially been an entire month since  Zuccotti Park was deemed Liberty Square and the protests against corporate greed started in New York City. We spoke to a wide range of people and asked them, "How long have you occupied Wall Street?"

Moses, 24.
From Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Came up with a few of his friends on September 18.
Sleeps either at Liberty Square or if there is room on a friends floor.
Has been working at the information center and helps organize donations.
Goes to McDonalds every morning to brush his teeth.
Does not plan to leave anytime soon.  

"Grandma's From The Mountains"
Come back every weekend since September 17.
They bring food and donations and help to make sure everyone has enough to eat.
Will continue to come down every weekend until "lawmakers make a law that is actually lawful"

Benny Zable
From Australia
Came to NYC for the 23rd annual Environmental Eco. Festival.
Has been staying in Environmental Festival Residences for the past 2 weeks.
His outfit has become a symbol of protestors.
Has no plans to go back to Australia anytime soon.
Angel, 28
Lives in Brooklyn.
Works in Midtown for Nike.
Has a family so he continues to work and comes out to support on weekends.
"If my work saw this I would be in a lot of trouble,

 but at this point I don't even give a shit, you can personally send them this."
His shirt is a silhouette of Obama's face that also says "LIAR" when looked at sideways.

Will continue to support and come back to join the protests until a change is made. 

No Name.
Was more interested in getting a free stencil stamped on her scarf and not with what was going on around her.
First time visiting Liberty Square.
Was planning on leaving as soon as the ink on her scarf dried. 
Little Boy, 6.
Was sitting with his mother.
Didn't know why he was there, so his mom answered for him
"We're here because he will be paying for his future for the rest of his life and so will I. That is not fair. His future should not depend on if I can afford it or not."

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