Wednesday, October 19

The Cave Wall

In September 2011, there were 500,000,000 users on Facebook.

Patrons are able to log on from just about anywhere-- laptops, smart phones, blackberries. Even most Blue Ray players have Facebook applications, in order to ensure users can update their status literally anytime-- even in the middle of watching a favorite program.

Quantcast estimates Facebook had 138.9 million “unique visitors” from the United States in May 2011 alone.

48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook right when they wake up, and 28% log on via smart phones, before getting out of bed.

When ordering from food delivery service Seamless Web, they prompt customers to "Like" them on Facebook. There are currently 21,655 companies updating profiles and creating events on Facebook. 

Times article titled “Limits Urged on TV for Children Under 2" is liked by  567 people. 234 like “Out With Textbooks, in With Laptops for an Indiana School District.” In fact, the has a "Help" department solely devoted to social media FAQ. Some of the questions include: “How do I connect my Facebook account to my account?” or "Whose activity will I see in Facebook modules on" and finally, "How do I stop sharing my activities on Facebook or Twitter?"

In January 2010, Nielsen estimated the average time spent per week on Facebook alone was 8 hours.

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